Civilizations rise and fall. Each one believes it can never happen to them. Many people believe that the overwhelming evidence points to the immanent collapse of the current materialistic, rationalistic civilization that has been built since the dawn of the industrial revolution, less than 300 years ago. If that is so, where do we go from here?

Now we need the courage to come out of denial and look at the hard facts, the willingness to embrace disillusionment and loss, and then a new vision that reimagines a better future, one based on patterns almost diametrically opposite to our current ones of unsustainable consumption. With the right vision we shall find an inner passion, and rise from the ashes to be reborn.

I hope these recorded messages and their artistry inspire you, stir you up, and give you a realistic hope, a truly sustainable one.
Spirit in Our Naked Center
A Powerful Vision of a Truly
Sane Future After the Collapse. If you Feel Discouraged, Please Listen!
New Stories for a New World
Re-imagining the Foundational Stories of Western Spiritual Traditions and our Entire Materialistic Culture to Birth Spiritual Wholeness & a Sustainable Hope
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