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These are words to evoke wholeness of body and Spirit. They are about union with Divine as the Great Love, the Open Welcoming, the Wild Beauty, and about incarnation of Spirit right here in our good bodies. It is best to listen to them in a quiet, concentrated state and to just soak them in.

When the Body
Comes Home to God
Innocent and Blessed
Ribaldo Thanks God for Sexual Ecstasy
When God Comes Home
to the Body
Sex is a Wild-Eyed Thing
Music by Danny Becher
Somehow, This Key
God Loves My Body
There is a Trembling of the Heart
In Paradiso
The Divine Child in Me
Healing Resources: To help you along the path of increasing health and wholeness, Being Loved's Sister site, the Inner Healing Website (IHC), has many powerful personal liberation exercises to help heal trauma and open your heart to your deepest, Pure Being —
innocent and blessed.

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