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A radical new novel that re-imagines Western Spirituality, bringing back essential elements of life that were repressed for 1700 years: the dynamic of the male and female in the divine, limitless grace, sacred sexuality, the unity of all existence, and spiritual practice verses dogmatic belief systems. A lyrical love story you will laugh and cry your way through and remember forever.

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Wild Sanity was first published in America in 1998. It has become a collector's item.

A second, expanded edition was published in 2003.


“The words of Blake Steele shine with energy and
insight. He has the generosity of a sage, a guide
who would encourage us vigorously toward a
deep inner place—and a fiery love for the trail.”

Naomi Shihab Nye
Poet, Author
Winner of four Pushcart Prizes, the Paterson Poetry Prize, the Isabella Gardner Poetry Award, the Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award, and numerous honors for her children’s literature, including two Jane Addams Children’s Book Awards.

“Many of its images and metaphors are shockingly powerful. Passion and positive energy pours through. Blake Steele is a good seer. He carries the sky with him.”

Richard Rohr OFM
Author, Spiritual Director
Founder and Director of The Center for Action and Contemplation,
Internationally Known Spiritual Teacher and Director

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Echoes from the Blue Boy
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Words and Photography
by Blake Steele

A publication of Scandinavia Publishing House
for international distribution
All excerpts © Scandinavia Publishing 200

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A God to Desire
God is always bigger than we imagine or dream.
Being Loved
Allowing limitless Love to love and bless us is the way of Christ.
Radical Forgiveness
Forgiveness is letting all negativity go for the sake of freedom.
Creative Compassion
Finding our purpose in the union of Love and creative freedom.
From the Introduction:
This book series is specifically designed to inspire and guide you towards spiritual healing and transformation. Through a unique blend of words and images, scriptures, poems and exercises, it gives you tools to take spiritual reality from a mental understanding to a heart experience where all the good things happen.

I was tremendously blessed by your spiritual growth series. One in particular. Thank you for answering God's call and being a blessing to humanity.
From Nigeria

Thank you for reminding me of God's unconditional love.
From Ireland

Hello Blake! I had the big fortune meeting you a few years ago at the Ängsbacka festival. It is still in my mind, specially when I´m looking in your beautiful book about Radical Forgiveness. I am also a devoted photographer and I love your pictures.
From Sweden

I thank you for your beautiful books. To look at all the wonderful photography makes me joyful and stronger in the spirit. You have a beautiful mind - thank you for giving us your joy.

From Denmark

I work as a pastoral caregiver in a Community Aged Care Organization in Sydney Australia. Many of our clients are socially disadvantaged and isolated... One client is struggling with alcohol addiction, isolation, schizophrenia and the breakup of his marriage. He is losing hope. Through your book God is helping this man to see beauty again.

From Australia

Two picture books for children written and illustrated by Blake Steele
and released for international distribution in the fall of 2008
by Scandinavia Publishing of Copenhagen Denmark.

One of my goals in life is to express God to children in a joyous and fun way. After all, the kingdom of heaven belongs to children and those who have a childlike joy and wonder regarding the miracle of life.
                                                                                Blake Steele
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