The failure to create a sacred sexuality in the Western Spiritual traditions has cast a huge shadow over the world. Can you imagine what our world would be like if wise women initiated young people into the purity and beauty of their sexual awakening, showing them how to connect their good bodies to their open hearts and through their hearts unto God? By abandoning our young people to struggle by themselves through this huge transition we have created alienation, energetic reversals, and untold suffering.

A spirituality that does not address our basic Life-force of sex in a healthy, creative and Love-filled way creates a huge reactive shadow, which can be seen in the multi billion dollar pornographic industry where souless sex degrades young people who, just perhaps, are unconsciously trying to bring their sexual innocence to light, to celebrate ecstasy and thus Life itself.

These recording are from a cd called Sexual Happiness which I hope is one more small step towards a more sane and loving world.
Sexual Happiness
Sex Teaches
No Resistance
The Nipple
The Pure Drop
Sex Opens Us
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