We are in a huge shift of ages: the civilization we built since the birth of the industrial revolution nearly 300 years ago is progressively collapsing. Our economic model of ever increasing growth based on ever increasing consumption is impossible to sustain. Now is a time of intensely painful loss for most all of us, and loss means passing through the classical stages of grief: denial, anger, blame, cynicism, depression, then acceptance. It is with acceptance that new visions can be born, built on age-lasting values that alone will sustain us. With new visions come renewed hope and inspiration.

We need new formative spiritual stories to undergird us for the old stories are not complete and cannot carry us into wholeness. To let go of the old stories takes passing through some of our deepest fears of abandonment by God, but this is essential! These meditations are not offered with any disrespect for the formative religious beliefs of our Western Cultures, but rather to help free us from the shadow side of these stories that come from an ancient world of tribal conflicts. That age is long gone but we still live in its dark shadows of divisive tribalism and fear. We need new stories for a new era: stories that open our hearts to limitless Love and beauty and an expanded awareness out of which can be born a new world of joyous freedom and peace.

A New Primal Story
A New Sacred Mountain
A Whole Christ
A New World
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