A radical re-imagining of Western Spirituality that brings back all that has been repressed for 1700 years: the male/female aspects of divinity, sacred sexuality and simple spiritual practices that empower and transform our lives. This is a lyrical love story that you will laugh and cry your way through and remember forever.
Two Wild Sanity CDs: Part 1 and 2
Selected poems from book recited by
Blake Steele with sound tracks of nature,
music and effects. A powerful listening
experiences you will want to return to
again and again.

(To listen to a free sample: "No Reason
for Joy", click here)

Wild Sanity CD Part 1
$16.00 Dollars
Wild Sanity CD Part 2
$16 Dollars
PLUS: Wild Sanity Poetry Book Special
Book collectors and poetry lovers: get an second edition print of the book
Wild Sanity
Autographed Copy

Wild Sanity Book
$16 Dollars
Wild Words CD: Selected poetry of Blake Steele recited by the author with music, sounds of nature and other effects. Inspiring poems of heart, spirit and soul to help you be fully alive.

To Listen to a free sample, click here.

Wild Words CD
$16 Dollars
Union with God in wholeness and joy. This CD is especially recommended for those with a negative relationship with their own bodies or religious wounds and those who long to be whole, body, soul and spirit, in the Love, beauty and freedom of the God of Life.

Cost: $16.00
Sample: When God Comes Home to the Body
Chants and meditations on essential spiritual themes: from the joy of the Divine nature to human alienation and the journey home in Love. Profoundly healing, sparkling with Life, Love and laughter.
Cost: $16.00
Wild Chants Series Sample
An inspirational talk on Cd by Blake Steele on the key developmental needs of a child and how to fulfill them creatively in Love. It is never too late to create a happy childhood! A powerful parenting resource you will want to return to again and again.
Cost: $16
36 short poetic meditations on the glory, beauty and presence of Divine Love loving us. If you are a lover of God, or want to be one, this cd will bathe you with peace and fill you with the Passionate Holy.
Cost: $16
A sensually lush celebration of women; electric with Life, melting in longing, crackling with sexual energy and spiritual Light.
Cost: $16
New translations of Jesus' words from the Aramaic that open new depths of inner truth along with powerful meditations and poems that celebrate the beauty and freedom of God and us. If you love Christ but are less than happy with Western spiritual tradition, this could begin to open new pathways for you.
Cost: $16
Cost: $16
Rip rollicking rhymes for rascally children of all ages: full of laughter and spiritual metaphors that plant luminous seeds deep in the heart of a child.
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