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God is/I Am Meditations
Five powerfully liberating audio meditations to carry you step by step into the Divine Life that is forever full of joy and beauty
Innocent and Free
Poetic Meditations on Uniting Body,
Soul and Spirit
with Divine Love
(Recommended for sexual healing)
The Lord's Prayer and The Beatitudes
Possible translations from the fluid and poetic Aramaic language...
(From The Wild Christ Site)
Healing in Love
An audio meditation
on soaking your soul in Love
(From the Inner Healing Center Workshop)
Wild Chants and Blessings
Healing Words of Blessing and Spiritual Release with Poetic Chants to Open Your Heart
A New World
Re-imagining the Foundational Stories of Western Spiritual Traditions and our Entire Materialistic Culture to Birth Spiritual Wholeness & a Truly Sustainable Hope
Truth Beyond Traditions
Two Meditations on the Unity of East/West Spiritualities.
Spirit In Our Naked Center
A Critically Important Vision of Personal
and Social Transformation Beyond
Opening Words
Simple, words that open your heart to Love and your own true Being
Sexual Happiness
There Can be No Complete Spiritual Way That Does Not Bring Sexual Energy Home to the Divine. A Celebration of the Sacredness
of Body and Sex
Our Primal Wound
A visual meditation on our deepest soul wound and the one basic choice we all must make.
Being Loved Home
To Wild Words Audio Poetry Center