Five powerful and entertaining meditations to carry you, step by step, into the beauty and wonder that is the true nature of our Source, the Light of Life that is within us and all the Universe. Kick back, open your ears and soak this in. Mezmorizing music and fun sound effects allows the liberating truth of these words to slip easily into your heart.
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Brings a clear perspective regarding the root cause of man-made miseries.
There are many IHC workshops that can help you undo all sense of alienation.
God Is Meditation
A happy, expansive and liberating vision of the limitless Source of Existence.

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I am Meditation
Connect with your deepest reality.
Saying the I Am can reveal our wounded mental programming and heal it.
See the I Am Online Workshop

God Cares
A flow of Love-crazed proclaimations about the Love-crazed, caring nature of the Highest freedom.
With sounds of nature
A flow of thankfulness and awareness, the essence of trust and Love.
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Meditations © 2007 Blake Steele
Music © Danny Becher
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