"Blake Steele is a poet in the old bardic tradition, presenting his work with great passion through concerts of poetry  and song."
(from back cover of Wild Sanity book)

I grew up in La Jolla, California, traveled in Europe for over a year, returned to America and became part of the powerful Christian Charismatic revival of the 60's. In the 70's I was married, helped develop an organic farm in California, had three beautiful children; and in the 80's, after a divorce, lived in various places, including the forests of Mt. Hood, teaching skiing and become a serious poet and writer.

I settled in Bend, Oregon for 13 years where in the 1990's I founded The United Compassionate Artists’ Project, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing the inspirational powers of the arts to suffering and dying people. In six years UCAP musical volunteers gave intimate serenades of love to over 8,000 patients at St. Charles Medical Center as well as 120 public service and community concerts of music and poetry.
I have been drawn to a multitude of art forms, simply applying foundational disciplines, and principles to different areas. I written over 2,500 poems, four novels, children’s stories and poems, 4 picture books for children, produced 17 CDs of poetry with music and special effects and a CD of specialized music for hospital and hospice use. In the nineties I collaborated with composer Kendal Crosby on choral pieces, one which was performed by the Columbia University Men's Choir in the Kennedy Center in NYC, the National Cathedral in D.C. and other prestigious venues in America.
I have also done extensive photographic work
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and am an illustrator and painter
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My paintings are in private collections in American and Europe and in four picture books for children.
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A book of my poetry entitled, "Wild Sanity," was first published in 1998 and a second edition released in Europe in the fall of 2003.
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Audio Samples of Poems with Music
A four book Spiritual Vision Series of writing, poetry and photography was published by Scandinavia Publishing House of Copenhagen in 2003 for international distribution.
Spiritual Vision Series Introduction
Since 1999 I have been traveling in Europe sharing the Love of God through personal encounters and workshops designed to give people the tools to experience lasting spiritual healing and freedom.

If you are interested in personal spiritual growth, see my Inner Healing Center web site with on-line spiritual workshops and abundant inspirational resources for the purpose of personal liberation and healing in Love.

Inner Healing Center
I have other web site resources: Seeds of Love offers on-line audio/visual presentations to bless yourself and those you love with touches of Love and beauty.
 Seeds of Love
One Fresh Minute: one minute audio vacations of inspiration and peace to relieve stress at work or home.
One Fresh Minute
And The Wild Christ, about the Aramaic Jesus who mirrors our inner Light that is the free — the Divine Source of this limitless Universe.
Wild Christ
To keep up with my ongoing work you can see my personal blog: Pio's Place.
Bless you."

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