Hear the passion, sense the Light
of Blakes' poetic gift.
God's Skin from Wild Words Poetry:
20 second sample.

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What Others Say:
"Blake is a good seer. He carries the sky with him."
Richard Rohr OFM:

Author & Intenational Speaker
"The words of Blake Steele shine with energy and insight."
Naomi Shihab Nye,
Nationally honored Poet
and Author

"Blake is truly a poet-at-large in his ability to penetrate the mundane, allowing the reader to experience the essential meaning of life."
Richard Groves
Sacred Art of Living
Blake holds the colorful ball of life in his hands.
Laurel Lee
Author of Walking Through the Fire

For it's God's own beauty that will save the World
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A list of all Blake Steele's on-line resources.
Inner Healing Center
Perhaps the most beautiful and extensive site for personal growth in the world.
The Wild Christ
Discover the freedom and joy of the Aramaic Jesus apart from the confines of Western Spiritual tradition.
Seeds of Love
Free gifts of Love and beauty to email to those you love.
One Fresh Minute
Free 1 minute audio breaks to relieve stress at home or office.
Wild Words Poetry &
Healing Meditations
Audio Center

Blake's Photo Gallery:
The Beauty of Europe

Children's Poetry:
Come on Rascals, Let's
Dance and Laugh and Sing!
Paintings & Prints:
for the Child in Us All
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Samples from 1970 to Now
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Blake's Art Work for Viewing
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Opening Words Blog
Short Meditative Sayings to
Open our Hearts to Love
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The Wild Christ Nobody Owns
A radical new novel by Blake that brings back to Western Spirituality
all that was repressed for 1700 years.

Instant Culture:
Video of Blake reciting poem

A New World:
Visions of a new era of Love, beauty and goodness for all — the age of peace we have been waiting for.

Spirit in Our Naked Center:
A Critically Important Vision of Personal and Social Transfomation

God is Fun:
A New Video for Krinkly Krackily Kids.

And The Young Shall Lead

For a limited time you can download for free this amazing Illustrated Ebook that teaches young people how to actually heal with their hands. A life changing journey.